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  1. I really don’t think that men being excluded from science and engineering work was the right way to go. It would have been far better if women had earned the needed science and engineering degrees like they did before 1993 when they made up 51% of Federal Civil Service. I’ve been turned down 1500+ times for affirmative action reasons and I’m anything but alone. To the person who has an art degree in a science or engineering job, I’m a “threat” somehow, because I actually used to do such things before our current PC era.

    • Women were, however, encouraged to get such degrees and sometimes were flat-out rejected from universities to get science degrees. I think on the previous comic someone claimed that there’s been women in politics since the 1600s? Never mind that most women weren’t even educated beyond 6th grade, and even in that case they were usually educated in housekeeping. Only the wealthy families could AFFORD to send their daughters to college, and only a part of them actually DID so.
      Not going to lie, Affirmative Action is a stupid thing, but to say “women should have just gotten the degrees” and imply that’s the only reason women aren’t in science is…well…wrong.

      • That kind of disingenuous spin really annoys me. Most women weren’t educated beyond 6th grade in 1600? No shit, neither were most men. But because you say most women, rather than most people, suddenly it’s a gender issue.

      • Nowadays some People stress way to much about Gender and/or Gender neutrality that most Folks WISH that we would live in a time before People gave so much crap about it.(like the year 2014 or before)

  2. Erm… Going to be crass about it… Topless waitressing obviously done with the female body as a way to garner higher wage, usually from tips. But with the whole comic being pretty much being family oriented, what would be the point of a topless waitress if the assets aren’t well… y’know….

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