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  1. A while ago there was a British cartoon called the secret show, one episode revolved around the villain using an un-inventing ray. They finally defeated her by tricking her into firing it at a lake (they were hit by it so many times that they had become cavemen, and thus had no mirrors) causing the un-inventing ray to un-invent itself. The back blast was so powerful, it caused things that hadn’t been invented yet to show up. The only problem was that they didn’t get the instruction manuals, no no one knew how to work them.

    I don’t know why I post these things but I do.

  2. Chairs weren’t “invented.” They evolved from more primitive things to sit on by natural selection. Mediated by humans, true, but we’re good at that even in the biological world —

  3. The hideaway kiddie stool was invented by a kindergartener. It does not have to be a hypno ray.

  4. Honestly inventing a ray to erase everyone’s memories of something as widespread a chair is much more impressive.

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