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  1. A favorite word used on the antiques road show is “important”. And it’s always used of artists that didn’t impact their world at the time and don’t impact it today. Typically they are one of many doing the same things at the time. If no one other than art critics knew of someone’s art at the time it was done, and no one other than art critics know of it today, then in what way is it “important”?

    There are many artists who did things that we remember even today, even if we don’t remember who did them. Matthew Brady would be someone I’d consider important, because he not only took photos of people like presidents, letting us know what they looked like, but he set out to do a historical record of the Civil War, hiring crews to take pictures of what people did. History would be much less rich without his work. But I’ve never heard his photography on ARS being called “important.”

    Someone who slaps three lines on a canvas and calls it “eternity” is not going to be remembered long.

      • He/she merely said that some things people call “important” have never had a major genuine impact on the world, and yet are still known about for some reason.

  2. Well we know she *does* have some kind of major impact on the world from that one strip from the Washington DC arc where we saw the future and there was a Millicent Mudd Monument.

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