9 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Immortality

  1. I like that he has recited that poem at least 3 times in the past (once even fully illustrated!) and she still has no idea what it’s about.

  2. She knows what its about. she’s trying to talk about things she doesn’t understand, but he’s reminding her that she actually does understand what she’s talking about.

    • Not exactly. She’s suggesting he doesn’t understand, and he’s reminding her that he’s probably thought about it more than she has, what with his namesake and all.

  3. Why wouldn’t Ozy recite that poem? He is named after it.
    No seriously, Dana actually said that she did it on purpose.

  4. I refer folks to Kansas’ 1977 song “Dust in the Wind”…
    “All we do / Crumbles to the ground / Tho’ we refuse to see”…

  5. I think on one occasion Millie stated “look on my works ye Mighty, and despair” – so I am guessing she knows part of the quote at any rate 🙂

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