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  1. King Solomon said that God set eternity in the hearts of men. That is still true today. If we were just animals, the things of this world would satisty us completely. And they don’t.

    • Of course it is the Nature of Man to prop himself above his surroundings; professing a False Humility that proves his own Superiority; a Subordance to “Perfection” which bore Imperfect Man. If you’d open your eyes, you’d realize that it is only I & I alone who is worthy of Worship & all else is just so much Mental Garbage.

      • What if Man were Perfect,… for Man?

        We strive always to become something better; why do we assume that means we are somehow inferior? Inferiority to an Ideal is no fault; it is simple reality. It’s not difficult to prove that Platonic Ideals can only exist as figments of the mind, and that every instance of an Ideal must somehow lack in this or that attribute as compared to the Ideal. Does that make a chair upon which one can sit inferior to the Ideal Chair that has three legs and four legs and no legs all at the same time, and upon which no-one will ever sit?

        Be what you Are, and achieve Perfection thereby.

  2. Amen. We need to seek salvation to fill the gap in our lives we try to fill with stuff. Stuff does have its good points, but it’s not anywhere near the awesomeness of God’s love.

    • Do you believe in Works or Grace? I don’t very much care for Salvation by Grace because it doesn’t really give people a motive to be nice; I’ve met some people who thought, so long as you believe in Jesus, being Nice didn’t matter & others who claimed that spreading the Word was more important than any act of Altruism; I’ve also noted that those who profess Grace over Works seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the Death of Jesus rather practicing as he preached, but now I’m just ranting as I tend do from time to time…

      • The Lord stated that the first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind, and the second, like it, is to love your neighbor as yourself. Although being the most horrible person in the world and truly loving and accepting Christ, if possible, would get you into heaven, it is not possible, as true faith has kindness unto the neighbor as a natural and unavoidable side effect. In the words of James, you show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith through my works.
        Blessings of Christ,

        • Ah, yes. “Love, and then do what you will, for you will do no wrong.”

          But I have some heartburn with salvation; I do not believe mankind to automatically be so flawed as to need saving.

          • The apostle wrote;
            “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”, and likewise, Christ calls us to “Be perfect, as our heavenly father is perfect.” If, then, we would do as the Father requests, we must needs have salvation.

      • The bible says that all are saved by faith, and not by works, but it also says that faith without works is dead. So it seems to me that anyone seeking to lead a truly Christian life needs both.

    • Few years late on this, but… do you not realize that’s literally the exact opposite of what this comic is stating?

  3. Mankind not flaw? Really? Murdering, adultury, wars, rape, molestation, robbery, greed and you don’t believe there is something internally wrong with man?

  4. I believe in God, because a big bang couldn’t create moral reason and rights and wrongs. That kind of stuff is from the heart.

    • As an atheist I’d argue that those things are largely the product of evolutionary pressures; we’re social creatures and getting along with people around us was vital to our survival.
      This also explains why even social animals not closely related to us (and judged by religion to have no soul, and thus no conscience connected to God) often exhibit similar behaviors. Crows and ravens have never read the Ten Commandments, yet they comfort distressed members of their social groups, shun those who cheat them, and gather to memorialize their dead.

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