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  1. Why does everyone always rag on Aquaman? Dude’s king of two-thirds of the planet and spends his spare time fistfighting sharks. He’s awesome.

    • Yeah. He’s just underrepresented because once he joined the JLA all he was good for was the occasional water adventure, whereas in his own comics he could use his powers all the time.

      I have strong opinions about some fairly weird things.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGuN71VUrK4
    I can’t believe this is the 2nd time that I had to use that clip and I’m not even that big of an Aquam… wait a minute did this comic just imply that Green Lantern is almost as useless as most people think Aquaman is?
    … I’ll be right back I need to find clips of Green Lantern being bad ass.

    • I’ve always disliked Aquaman because his powers were useful in the sea and that’s about it.
      Ok, sure, he owns 70% of the earth…under the water. Last I checked, humanity didn’t have gills, and supervillains generally target humanity, not tuna. And, well, think about it; how many battles even take place OVER the ocean, let alone UNDER it?
      Meaning any time there’s a land battle? He’s more or less just a strongman. Now if he had some OTHER powers which I don’t think he has (so correct me if I’m wrong), like actually CONTROLLING the water (like Percy Jackson or something) I’d say differently. But when a majority of your powers are limited to actually being in the sea or near the sea (I.E. summoning animals, moving quickly), he’s essentially useless to any major battle or war.

      • While he does not have water controlling powers, many other DC Atlanteans do (Tempest, Mera, Khaldur for instance). Even though he is stronger in water, he is still super humanly strong and fast on dry land.

        Your points about how many battles there are are meta-textually flawed. In the DCU, where there are Atlanteans, and other submarine peoples, there are many fights in the ocean.

  3. You know, there are many thousands of near-comic-book-super-heroes out there. They are called police. They are real normal men and women who wear distinct uniforms and have access to advanced equipment, and who put their lives on the line to fight crime and help people.
    My cousin was one.

    • I agree with the herpestid. You don’t need to fly to be a hero, or wear spandex tights with your underwear out. Fantasy has its place, but *real* heroes run *into* burning buildings to rescue trapped people. Real heroes run *toward* gunfire to protect innocent people. Real heroes are train passengers who wrestle terrorists and save European passengers.

  4. …Given how the Green Lantern movie turned out, I’d go for Green Arrow instead. At least his TV series is successful.

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