7 comments for “Ozy and Millie: The other curse

  1. Everything wrong with
    “Ozy and Millie: The other curse”
    in 50 words or less.
    Termites apparently also eat Ozy’s hat and vest.
    Millie comes out with all her fur intact.
    How hard can the termites be to draw if two of them are still there?
    Ozy covers himself with only his paws, which some censors would say isn’t big enough.
    Flying termites.
    Total sin count: 5
    Sentence: Baldness by Tape.

  2. Well, there are swarming reproductive termites that fly. Maybe Millie’s overalls have special fur protection. As for censors and Ozy’s small handpaws, he’s only ten. And who cares anyway?

    • It would look super funny if there were a black box over Ozy’s groin, it would look like there were actually something to censor. 😛

      I don’t get the people who talk about censoring these comics or of the apparent nudity, it’s like they are afraid of their own minds. I mean look at XKCD, should that be censored too? Because the only piece of clothing I see there is a hat. Censorship is an attempt at control not protection.

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