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    • This is the DRAGON Channel. I think the question is “Do republicans cause cancer… when eaten?”

      • What’s funny is that we still have a plethora of things that “cause cancer” because of those ridiculous FDA studies in the 1960s and 1970s where absurd amounts of a food or chemical was fed to some poor lab rats. One wonders if sassafras or bracken (eaten in northern Europe and Japan) really are “cancer causing.” Or any of the other things tested. When reading up on that, it’s incredible that the “researchers” didn’t understand the media and public derision.

        All those studies proved was how incredibly durable lab mice and rats were.

    • Knitting is easy and very zen. The question is not “Why is he knitting?” but rather “Who on earth is the sock *for*?”

  1. On the other paw, chemicals like weed killer or insecticide are likely cancer triggers. Poison spray drifts onto food plants, tries to kill people. Researchers are too lazy (and unpaid) to track folks for ten or twenty years, or control the environment. But careful science doesn’t make headlines.

    • Utter nonsense. Years of research, including long term studies, strongly indicate just the opposite. The benefits of increased food production vastly outweigh any risks. Fresh fruit and vegetable are good for you. If you’re worried, just rinse them off before you eat them.

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