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    • I believe there may be some retroactive-continuity soul genetics going on here – Ozy is a dragon, therefore he must have got his vulpine appearance from somewhere in the dragon family line, therefore there must be some dragon who looks like a fox. (I know it’s a bit of a far shot to suggest that Professor Smaug and Llewellyn are related, but…)

      • This sounds exactly like the logic of Llewellyn’s family.

        Actually, I was very disappointed when Ozy growing wings turned out to be a dream. Screw genetics!

          • Every mammal has a naval except for the echidnas, platypuses, and marsupials (the first 2 lay eggs, the other are the kangaroo-type animals). If it’s a live birth the animal had an umbilical cord and has some mark of it. Look it up

          • Have you never kept dogs? You can find their navels pretty easily. I’ve never been able to find a belly button on a cat, though, which only supports my theory that they are spawned from the bowels of Hell.

      • What do you mean “Long shot”? I don’t remember where, but I know Llewellyn specifically mentioned being related to a Smaug.

      • It would really be better for everyone involved if people like you would read the strips in order. It was outright stated that Ozy was adopted, in fact there was a story arc showing him being adopted, and another one explaining what happened to his real parents.

  1. Professor Smaug, Professor Smaug! There’s a bunch of dwarfs and a hobbit demanding for treasure!

  2. My theory is that his is a dragon/fox hybrid. Especially given his statement about dragons and mammals living together harmoniously. It would make him living proof.

    • she wouldn’t dare say that last line if he was known to be part mammal. Likely he’s seen Ozy at family reunions or presidential ads

  3. Actually, to everyone commenting on Smaug’s look, this is what Smaug looked like in the Rankin/Bass animated version of The Hobbit, released in 1977. Interestingly, it was animated by a Japanese studio called Topcraft which later went defunct, but the animators went on to found Studio Ghibli.

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