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  1. I always imagined that if this cartoon had more panels, it would show Millie’s Mom, grabbing her and giving her a great, big hug.

    “I love you very, very much, Sprout…and you’re going to have a good Christmas, I promise. Now, go on and get back to bed.”

    • while related to the word “penitent” (feeling or expressing sorrow for misdeeds) the re- prefix here doesn’t refer to doing something again. Nor in “relate.” That’s 2 trips to the unabridged dictionary to verify the sources of the words btw

  2. You know, I used to think that Dickens created that trope. However:
    The chain rattling goes back even further to ghost stories in Ancient Roman literature. Pliny the Younger wrote a haunted story, circa A.D. 102, with a chain rattling ghost. The ghost’s corpse is found in chains. It was believed by the Romans that chains were one of the few ways to keep a ghost from wandering about. A 4th century author asserts,
    Great, accordingly, are the chains on the ghosts; they tie even the most fleet and elusive apparition tightly to death and bind a soul like the body of a man accused.

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