20 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Poor Jeremy

  1. I never really thought about before, but Vine pointing at Ozy raises the question – how does Mr. Vine hold writing utensils in his hooves?

    • Well, his forehooves are drawn inaccurately – bovines are artiodactyls, meaning they have an even number of toes. Principal Vine’s horselike circular hooves are a mistake that I’m not going to read too much into. Maybe he’s a cow/horse hybrid.

      Anyways, logically he would have cloven hooves, between which he could grasp objects.

      Biology to the rescue!

  2. Ive said it before and I will say it again, I want to smash this guys face in every time I see him

  3. Dana, if Vine is based even a little bit on a real life principal you had who sided with bullies, I hope that person got struck by lightning.

  4. Ozy, the solution is obvious. Sue. Use your future-stepmother as your lawyer. She’s won before. Part of the settlement: the principal is fired and bullying is required to be punished in all cases.

    • Don’t know if it’s wrong or not, but I am infuriated by this walking, talking side of beef and Jeremy the bunny boy.

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