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        • Who cares? We don’t know how long dragons are infants, children, or adolescents. It could be like in Gargoyles, where the title species ages half as fast as humans do, or it could be ten times that long. They’re probably at an equal level of mental and emotional maturity, at least.

          • 🙂 In a dragon novel I started writing, but never finished, Mama dragon was old enough to do a favor for -Princess- Guinevere. 😉

        • You underestimate his age. We know he was around before the Declaration of Independence. He’ll probably outlive her by another two or three centuries anyway.

          • What if she visits the Couch Universe regularly, and it makes her younger, and when she returns she ages just that amount, so she always gets back to the age she is now? Properly cultivated, that couch portal could let her outlive Llewellyn.

          • Actually, I don’t remember a strip showing him before 1776 (though there are a lot of strips). I always thought he was born about 1800 and is late middle age and has about seventy years more to live, so that he and Ozy can grow old together.

  1. I wondered when we’d get to see them “lip wrestle”. Actually, this isn’t the first time they’ve kissed, just the first time we’ve SEEN them kiss. In an earlier strip, she tells him that he tastes like bubblegum, implying a kiss.

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