10 comments for “Ozy and Millie: When panic sets in

  1. It was a little risky, what if she got Locke’s genes and was born elderly?

    A repeat of Benjamin Button 😀

    • Looks like she’s hit a bit of a jackpot then. It would seem that ‘ageing’ in Locke’s world runs at the same rate as ‘normal’, but in the other direction. Combine this with Mom’s ‘normal’ ageing, and how many years is it now that the kids have been ten years old?

  2. Wait a sec, a backwards-ager and a normal ager… Slower aging or something like that? Or that atsome point of his life, she starts to age backwards?

  3. Well, it is possible that the aging follows the universe rather than the person; that is, where you’re born here affects you much more than who bore you.
    Also explains why the people from both universes are so similar.

  4. They finally did it. (Princess Pin might be about to stand on her head DONT DO IT YOULL BREAK THE FLOOR)

    • It’s been more than a year since I wrote this comment. I don’t try to be any less confusing, I just try to be more poetically confusing and more on-topic with my confusingness.

  5. As someone who lives in Nebraska, can confirm the corn level. Also in Iowa. The difference between the two being, of course, that Nebraska is Flatter than a pancake and Iowa actually has hills.

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