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    • It should maybe have the right to prevent obscene/offensive clothing, but I disagree with strict dress codes that exist for the specific purpose of preventing originality. When they make new rules for the sole purpose of stopping a harmless activity, it is wrong.

      • I don’t know any dress codes like that outside of this strip. The schools should have the right to enforce the rule, as long as it is for a good reason.

        • The last time I had to obey a school dress code it was for the express purpose of “not distracting the boys” because if you show any skin the boys will be so horribly distracted they won’t be able to work. (And this wasn’t midriff-baring or cleavage; this was *shoulders* in *June*.) So forgive me if I am skeptical of the concept.

        • I’m personally against dress codes, in my junior high it was against the rules to wear a plain black T-shirt for reasons I never understood (I think it meant you supported a some criminal organization or something) and I personally think I look good in Dark colors and stuck mostly to cheap 5 pack tees so naturally a chunk of them were black. Results: I got detention for reasons they couldn’t bother to tell me, was given a neon orange shirt to wear that day, and couldn’t use at least a fith of my wardrobe.

          Also frankly anyone saying how someone dresses is interfering with their education is just looking for an excuse to get out of taking responsibility for themselves.

          Sorry if I got a little preachey people from two years ago

        • Yeah, right “good reason”. School dress codes tend to be arbitrary, senseless and selectively enforced. Unless something is plainly obscene or demonstrably dangerous, public schools have zero business dictating how students dress. (Private schools are another matter, since attendance is voluntary.) As no less than the Supreme Court once ruled, the 1A doesn’t stop at the schoolhouse door.

  1. Goths: They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re all together ooky…

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