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    • That’s one to look up on tvtropes.org
      But it originated with the show “Happy Days.” Fonzie, in his signature leather jacket, jumped a shark on water skis, and it was at that moment people realized the show had already peaked and had run out of ideas; it would all be down hill from there on in.

      • Wasn’t there a Two-Part Episode about a Jump the Fonz attempted that got him injured? I heard about it from someone who questioned why everybody remembers Jumping the Shark.

        • Yes. He jumped over a long row of barrels or cars or something on his motorcycle, but didn’t land right, so the bike crashed and he broke his leg. Years later, they decided to do the shark-jump episode, the thinking perhaps being that it would be as good or better than the motorcycle jump. They were wrong; all they did was recycle an idea they’d already used while changing it just enough to make it incredibly stupid.

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