Ozy And Millie

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Notes: White-out corrections in the second and third panels. Pencilled note in upper margin: “Truth! On the other hand, complete bullshit!”

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    • Your guess is as good as mine. Most of the penciled margin notes are actually ideas for future strips, but I don’t know about that one. I’d have to ask Dana what she was thinking, and she might not even know. 🙂

      • My interpretation of what it could be:
        Ozy: We are who we are, and we don’t need to embellish that. We can’t be the best at everything, for that matter, we might not be the best at anything, the point is that we attempt to be who we want ourselves to be. It’s easier when we ignore others, so that we can express ourselves, pure, untainted by the outside world. It doesn’t matter whether or not Felicia is better than you at whatever you want to do, it matters that it is what you want to do, so you will do it. If you can look beyond the motive for an action, to transcend the doing until you come to the point of acceptance of the self in relation to the action, then you have achieved contentment.
        Millie: [line penciled in the top margin]

  1. I have found several great life lessons said by Ozy and his dad. This is a good one when you’re competing with other artists.

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