13 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Too spicy

    • probably needs a “do not serve to mammals” notice, from a legal perspective. In fact, a “not to be prepared by mammals” notice. The server gets a nice hospital stay, talking to their lawyer about those failures

  1. Reminds of the time a supervisor of mine at work decided to try eating a whole habanero pepper; it was pure torture.

    Not for him, for us employees; you never saw a room-full of people trying so hard NOT to laugh .

    • I actually think those are just shrubs outside. Judging by the Crispy Critter behind the counter, I suspect he was sitting at the counter, on Ozy’s left. That’s his bowl of… chili, I suppose. Being about 1/3 Mexican, I don’t HAVE that problem. “Spicy” is relative…
      I AM the Rednexican… also, BATMAN.

  2. Llewellyn started the fire,
    It was always Llewellyn since Dana was zooin’…
    (I couldn’t think of any decent rhyme.)

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