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  1. 9:30 is way too late for any kid, especially one who might be prone to using their extra time to plot the downfall of civilization as we know it.

    • That’s almost as ridiculous as saying you need a car seat until you’re four feet and five inches tall. Bedtimes not only depend on age, but also ability to learn the importance of going to bed. Not to mention that sleep is worth more for some kids than others.
      Besides, more time at night means less time in the morning. Millie would be plotting the downfall of civilization either way.

  2. Heh. By the age of ten I’d already developed the habit of reading in the bed till midnight at best, till dawn at worst. My mother tried to stop me by taking away books, but my bookshelf is next to my bed and the books are all pretty good even if I already read them… so it was an uphill battle and she gave up.

    Anyway, even before that, at the strictest, my bedtime was 10:00, never earlier. Then I fought for official 11:00, but by the time I won that, it was almost completely moot.

    9:30 is way too early.

    • It also depends on the person. If you were able to happily function like that, it was probably alright for you. I, on the other hand, require a lot of sleep (consistently more than eight and a half hours) to function properly.

    • I would do that too, but sometimes I would smuggle a phone into bed with me and browse the Warriors fandom site. My bedtime was 9:30 but I could easily stay up two hours after that.

  3. When Napoleon Bonaparte was asked how many hours of sleep a person should
    have each night, he replied “Six for a man, seven for a woman, eight for a fool.” Myself, I have sometimes had less than six.

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