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  1. By stability, she wishes contentment with the way things are. People, on the other hand, seek contentment in transition, in changing the way things are. We seek to change the world, because we are afraid to change ourselves. If we could simply accept the way things are, and change ourselves, we would find true contentment, such that we would not have to change others. I had a much more perfect, zen explanation earlier, but my computer is resisting my expression of it. Basically, it stated that Ozy is already at the point that Millie is looking for here. We can be our own constant. Look not unto the outside world for contentment, for until others look unto themselves also, the world will not be content. One, however, can be at peace when the world is at war, by being at peace with the self and one’s surroundings. To summarize my summary, change what you must, be content with what you can, and have the wisdom to tell the difference.

  2. C.S. Lewis said in “The Screwtape Letters” that God gives us both change and stability at the same time. A paraphrase would be “every season different, but every year the same; they[people] go from a fast to a feast, but it’s the same feast as before.”

  3. I couldnt find the B.C. strip that was published on the same day as this. Anyone willing to try harder?

    • You don’t want the one *published* on the same day, you want the one published the day this strip was *written*. But the real point is that J Hart was often both corny and preachy, thereby maintaining consistency —

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