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    • Zen. I would have answered by not answering, but somebody else has already done that. Therefore, I am answering by not-not-answering. Thus, one can embrace the void by letting go of all else, such as the realization of being hit by rickshaws. I don’t recommend true zen enlightenment and the loss of all until you have gained what you truly need, that you may continue on into the next life safely. May the Lord be with you in your quest to meet him through zen.

  1. Does Jesus’ teachings about how the Rich can’t get into Heaven make the Poor complacent with their Poverty? Did belief in Reincarnation & Karma make many People of India complacent with the Caste System? Does Ayn Rand’s Objectivism not only make the Wealthy complacent with their Greed, but canonize it as a Virtue at the expense of Others? I think I may have achieved some sort of Enlightenment by thinking over these & many other Questions.

    • Me too. It reminds me of cartoon depictions of ancient Greek or Roman text, but has no resemblance to Chinese at all. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Dang it; I’m getting tired of this!
        Enter a comment and have the computer -apparently- eat that comment. Then I re-enter the comment and have both versions appear. Grr.

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