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  1. I despite shallowness in almost every form, like Felicia. Except with Avery… he’s shallow in a cute way.

    (I don’t know how that works but it does)

  2. Hmm, alternate theories… They’ve learned to tune him out? After Jeremy and Felicia he seems decent? The games that work best with 4, not that Millie likely plays even non-dragon games normally, or the other 2 seem to have much interest in non-video games (Ozy being of course very adaptable)? Timulty’s worth putting up with Avery’s attitude?

  3. I am prejudiced in favor of Avery, because raccoons are tied for my third place favorite animal with kangaroos behind otters (mongooses first of course). But, yeah, this makes him unpleasant in a way odd for this strip.

  4. Avery was right. Nowadays, most of stuff that was just for nerds, is suddenly cool and trendy: videogames, sci-fi and fantasy works, superheroes and anime.

    • Funny, in “West Side Story”, which takes place in the 1950’s, one gang member is looking at a comic book and says, “Superman. Gee, I love him.”

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