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    • That’s one of the little things I like about this comic;
      trying to figure out the logic for when fangs are and are not visitble. 🙂

      • Judging by the fact that they can or cant be, I think they might be retractable. (I know real foxes cant do that but they cant talk or stand on two legs either) So basically they’re visible whenever Millie wants them to be.

  1. in all truth the idea behind super heroes is either your rich and that makes you great enough to be a super hero, born with power, or selected to get power they never have it where someone earns this power. this tells you something about the people who create them

      • Thank you. I was about to bring up Doctor Strange. Also the many superheroes who regret their power more than they enjoy it. The Hulk, the Thing, and several of the X-Men stand out as heroes (jocks though some of them are) who don’t consider it a case of being “lucky” or “good enough”.

        Also, the Silver Surfer I think counts as having earned his powers.

  2. And now for the stereotypical nerdy overalalyzation. How does Millie keep those strategically placed capes from getting wet and grimy when not in use? Is she encasing them in biodegradable polymer bags?

  3. You might want to work on that name, Millie. Branding is very important in the cape business. Just think of Paste Pot Pete, who never got a shred of respect even after trying to rebrand himself as the Trapster.

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