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  1. Note: Batman and Superman are DC characters, and Spiderman and Reed Richards are Marvel. One more reason why I prefer Marvel over DC.

    • Wha-what about the Atom?

      (For you non-nerds, the Atom is a DC character whose secret identity is Ray Palmer … physicist.)

    • See also: Spitfire and the Troubleshooters, from the Marvel “New Universe” that flopped in the 1980s, starring as protagonists the protege/daughter of an engineer/mechanic and a bunch of MIT students.

  2. Batman is portrayed as intelligent- doing complex chemical calculations- and one of his go-tos is Oracle, a computer geek who had similar physical skills. And you can’t fake major-newspaper-writer skills.

    Which is about all I know about DC or Marvel- have seen the Avengers movies but that’s about it. You get your lifetime nerd card when you declare a history major but my interests lay in different nerd-approved areas of reading. Discovered mangas in my mid-20s if that mollifies anyone

    • To qualify as a superhero with a lifetime nerd card you need to be in the Marvel universe, have at least one address within New York at some point in your life as a hero, and lastly to some extent speak the seemingly random dialect known to the collective hero/villain archetype known as the “gadgeteer”.

      As far as I’m concerned we don’t have a solid jock-nerd scale in the DCU. There needs to be more grey.

  3. Hmm, I wonder where Tony Stark fits in her view? Both a typical party kid, and one of the greatest engineers in the Marvel universe.

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