Ozy And Millie: Post-vacation letdown

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out in panels 1 and 3. Pasted-in corrections in panels 1 and 3.

  5 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Post-vacation letdown

  1. When I went to DC, we managed to arrive just in time for Newt Gingrich to shut down the government. He’s the very earliest entry on my enemies list.

  2. When I went to DC, it snowed a little and every one stayed home leaving all the museums to my daughter and I. Not a single person standing between me and the Hope diamond. Priceless.

    • Come again the Spy Museam has a new home.
      Been meaning to go there myself. Live 45min away in heavy traffic but just can’t seem to do it.

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