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  1. this reminds me of my aunt. she was convinced we were gonna fall right out of the sky and burn before we even finished seating. she was fun flying with

  2. I love Lewellyn’s phone. How does it still WORK?!? Without anything to dial with or an operator to put him through, how can he call anyone? I must know!

    • You tap on the hang up button rapidly. Seriously. Rotary phones work on a tap system. One more tap than the number you’re dialing. For backwards compatibility the phone system still supports this, and you can simulate it by tapping on the hang up button. At least in the US. If you don’t believe me, and have a land-line and a non-cordless phone, you can test it yourself. Also, it could still receive calls just fine.

  3. I once flew behind the wing of the plane and watched it shaking terribly during turbulance. I asked my attendant about it and she assured me it was perfectly normal and added, “trust me, you wouldn’t want to fly in a plane who’s wings can’t do that.” I felt like Millie looks.

    • Totally true. If the wings were too rigid, they’d snap right off. Far better to let them flex a little.
      I bet you really freaked out if you were looking at the wing while you landed.

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