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  1. while it’s possible Isolde’s right, it’s also because what the security is trying to prevent is a terrorist trying to blow up or hijack the plane. If they’re merely going on holiday- since I presume even terrorists take holidays- they don’t actually care.

    • If you actually believe that, you should take a look at this bridge I have for sale. The TSA is pure security theater, nothing more. They’re great at stealing harmless stuff from ordinary travelers, but they fail abysmally at spotting actual threats. In test after test, they routinely fail to find anywhere from fifty to ninety percent of weapons and explosives. But, man are they great at hassling and humiliating honest travelers! Other countries don’t have such idiotic and pointlessly intrusive “security” measures, and yet somehow they don’t have blown-up airliners raining out of the sky, either. I’m honestly ashamed of my countrymen when I think about the garbage they put up with from the TSA.

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