Ozy and Millie: John Lennon

Note: The original artwork for this strip has been sold, but an additional, unpublished version is available. It appears to be a somewhat earlier effort and is marked “1997”.

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    • Yes, the amusing thing is that even the political strips can still apply. Just change a few names. The world goes on as it was, and art remains our primary link to see that it really doesn’t go as fast as we try to make ourselves think that it does.

  1. You can tell a lot about someone by asking them to name their favorite Beatle. Stay away from those that say African Great Horned Beetle.

  2. I remember a skit on the old “Dave Allen At Large” show where a hippie is on a stage playing a guitar and singing a bad song about peace, and some people in the audience are laughing. Others tell those people to be quiet, and a fight breaks out among the audience. The hippie sees this and walks off the stage in a huff. Says someone to the hippie offstage, “Did they get the message?” The hippie replies, “Ah, shuddup!” and smashes his guitar over the man’s head.

  3. i knew a kid who honesty had no clue who the beatles were, cos his parents thought it was too risque, but was allowed to play COD and Halo (he somehow convinced his mom that halo was a math game.) most of his peers thought that Singin’ in the Rain was unholy, yet were allowed to play those games as well.

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