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  1. A bad penny could be:
    (1) A penny that was cut into five pieces, and you only have two of them.
    (2) A penny that was sitting in the middle of the road when you picked it up and were subsequently run over because of
    (3) A penny that was dropped off the Empire State Building, killing your best friend. (or anyone, for that matter)
    (4) A penny that causes you to waste time listing ways that it could be bad.

    • (5) A penny that jingles in your pocket, giving away your position during hide-and-seek
      (6) A penny that a machine in a museum squashed into a picture of Chernobyl
      (7) A penny that you dropped into the toaster and when you tried to get it out, you got electrocuted
      (8) A penny that was a “penny for your thoughts”, but it was while you were meditating.

    • (9) A penny that was dropped off the Empire State Building and hit your friend, who died of a completely unrelated heart attack at that exact moment. However, due to a minor ignorance of physics, everybody he knew didn’t know that if you dropped a penny off the Empire State Building it would not attain sufficient force to kill someone, and thus his cause of death was listed as “penny”.
      (10) A penny with no exciting story attached to it.

    • Slightly off-topic: What is the traditional reply to the taunt “Wot’s a penny made of?” that naughtly lads shout when in the presence of constabulary authority?

  2. Serious answer:

    “when the term “bad penny” first appeared in the 18th century, pennies were serious money. This made them ripe targets for counterfeiters, and to reach into your pocket or purse and discover that you had ended up with such a counterfeit coin, a “bad” penny, was a depressing and annoying experience. The only recourse available if you were stuck with a “bad penny” was to try to spend it as quickly as possible and hope that an inattentive shopkeeper would take it. But because everyone was trying to unload their “bad pennies” this way, according to the common wisdom of the time, your odds of encountering one, or even the very same one you had gotten rid of a week earlier, were quite high. Thus “bad penny” became an idiom meaning “an unwanted thing that keeps showing up.””


  3. Serious point on the other half of the comic: if this guy makes a big enough ass of himself, Llewellyn is entitled, as his nation’s ruling pear-shaped body, to declare him “Persona Non Grata” – the diplomatic equivalent of “GTFO”.

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