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  1. I notice that the guy who always complains about the Bush potshots hasn’t commented on this strip, which proves how much he knows, as this is the hardest blow of them all. Pretending to be Aquaman? That’s right up there with the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club.

  2. George W. playing Aqua-man in a big bathtub is a funny thought no matter where your political loyalties lie.

    • a) he can also control water itself, percy jackson-style.
      b)in the DC universe, there is apparently a being that looks suspiciously like Cthulu down there.
      c) you DO remember that Godzilla is an aquatic monster, right?
      d) he is also King of Atlantis- which means an army.
      e) on the scale of nation-states, good luck getting trade in any great volume when ships start sinking.

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