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      • Actually, no, all the comics are by Dana. I just uploaded some of them to fix missing ones that happened when we transitioned from one site to another. In reality, I struggle to draw stick figures, much less comics. 😉

    • It always amazes me how certain people will vociferously decry the political, religious, and/or other social messages they find in a serialized or periodically published work, and then _go on to continue reading_ the very same work they denigrate. Ah, well. While certainly not on par with Ms. Simpson’s humor or talents, I must admit that I do find a certain ironic amusement in witnessing Bellomy’s pugilism upon a deceased equine.

    • It would appear that Dana’s “obsession” of Bush years ago pales to your obsession of Dana’s bashing on Bush.

    • You know, all the people who decry the fashionable Dubbya-bashing of those dark and desperate eight years tend to ignore the fact that the man was his own comic relief. Al Gore got lambasted for months on end despite being misquoted about “inventing the internet” with every knuckledragging backwoods backbirth taking the one swipe he could at an urbane modern man. Obama gets painted as a ridiculous coward every time he opens his mouth.
      In contrast, the child king Bush II really did give us ridiculous moronic one-liners which easily topped anything Gore or Obama ever said in every… single… goddamn… speech. The richest, most powerful and extensive empire in the history of humanity had as its nominal figurehead for eight years a smarmy, mealy-mouthed anti-intellectual drunken college fratboy of fifty years of age.

      I don’t care if Dana did or still wants to bash Bush. We have decades before the justifiable amount of outrage and ridicule will begin to have built up.

    • it’s more that it’s usually the President’s secretary that makes the call- the reason you need to hold is so the actual President can get to the phone. it’s more-or-less standard when people have a secretary to make calls for them. (the idea is that said person has better things to do with their time than wait around on hold, and the money (or importance) to pay for someone to phone people for them.

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