Ozy And Millie

The original artwork for this strip is available for purchase. See the original artwork information page for more information.
Notes: White-out corrections in the second and fourth panels. Pencilled note in the upper margin: “Turn up like a bad penny — walrus” / “Bush — ‘better than having him here'”

  6 comments for “Ozy And Millie

  1. My friend asked her parents the same thing. When they said no, she did it anyway. She subsequently fell off and broke both heel bones.
    At least Millie obeyed her mother.

  2. There’s something off about Millie’s method for testing the phrase. I think she tried them in the wrong order.

    • I don’t think she was testing the phrase. Mom said “you can’t because I love you,” essentially, she thought of the saying, thought “maybe if she’s afraid of me I can do whatever I want”, tried to make her afraid of her in 3 seconds, it failed. So she decided the phrase failed her

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