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  1. I have always wondered why we elect politicians for these jobs, they seem to be some of the least competent people we could vote for these days.

    • Eh, they come from us. Trade anyone from the general population in for anyone of the same ideology who is currently in office and you’d generally get the same results. Feel free to shudder at the fact that unelected politicians tend to be a lot worse. 😛

    • There’s the problem. Smart people aren’t trained in politics, and politicians aren’t trained in, well, being competent.

      • Id take that a step further, and point out that smart, competent people are smart enough to not want to be in politics, and competent enough to go get the career they do want.

        That leaves competent people not smart enough to realise the problems with politics, and incompetent smart people who can use the system to get in, but cant achieve anything useful – and the folks who combine the traits, not smart or competent. The less said about them, the better.

        • My personal first rule of politics is “No one who actually wants power should ever be trusted with it.”

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