Ozy And Millie: Trying on a new outlook

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    • I don’t think so, nihilists tend to be very depressed, and her whole character was made for sowing chaos, which is more of a confusion thing.

      • Me and most nihilists I know actually find nihilism to be a rather hopeful source of inspiration. The idea that there’s no INHERENT meaning to the universe means that we get to make our own meaning.

        I mean, I *AM* depressed, but that’s clinical, not philosophical.

        • I don’t consider myself a nihilist, but that’s one of the things I felt strongly about when I became an atheist. I was no longer a pawn in some deity’s plan; it was up to me to decide what my life should be about. I actually found that comforting, because if you read the Bible, things often don’t turn out so well for people who are part of God’s plans.

          • Atheism doesn’t prevent you from being a pawn in God’s game. His existence does not depend on your belief. And your disbelief does not alter his game.

          • I see no reason to believe he exists. And your comment implies that my belief in him would not change anything about the outcome of my life, anyway, since he’s already preordained it.

          • Yeah, just ask Job’s kids.

            As for the reply to BobK, this sounds like some sort of weird inversion of Pascal’s Wager.

  1. Hobbes’ social contract theory advocated complete submission to a central authority figure. Meaning, in ’05, Bush… and he would have been aghast at elections. Neither looks good on you, Millie, you tried to blackmail the head of your household…

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