10 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Blowing the ending

  1. He’s almost right.

    Ozy: “Zzz”
    Millie: What?
    Ozy: They always let you fill the last one in yourself.

  2. Your password cant be much more frustrating then the second to last word in the dictionary. That way if a hacker tries “zythum” early on, they’ll still go through the entire dictionary to guess it.

  3. The last word in my dictionary is ‘zyzzyva’. Any of various tropical American weevils of the genus ‘zyzzyva’, often destructive to plants. I think they made this up as a joke.

    • The last words in mine (the two I could find anyway, I know I’ve got at least one more somewhere) are Zymosis and Zoom. Relatively few dictionaries attempt to catalogue every single word in the language. Most aim for a balance between convenience (smaller size, lower price) and completeness. And which words they leave out will vary depending on the whim of the editors, and whether their goals favour, for instance, outdated and archaic terms over obscure technical terms or vice versa.

      Zythum AKA zythos is quite real. And quite plausibly the last word in a dictionary.

      What would be the point of making something up when it’s that easy to research? The joke doesn’t depend on the word or its definition, only its place in the dictionary.

  4. “zyryan,” a few zz abbreviations, “Z-zero particle” followed by “Zzz” (noting it’s a symbol denoting sleep) in my unabridged dictionary. When you’re getting a degree in history you regularly need to look up words considered “archaic” and/or are seimi-archaic British slang

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