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  1. I met a kid named Oliver when I was in 6th grade who had read the whole dictionary. He said his parents were freaked out about it and forbade him from doing it again. They believed he had warped his mind by doing it.

    • They are terrible parents, unless they were referring specifically to the words in the dictionary that have to do with sexual things, in which case it’s sort of understandable.

      • Still terrible. A boy needs to know these words before puberty as well as their slang synonyms lest he embarrass himself by not knowing when they come up in conversation. Of course most dictionaries probably won’t help much there. Only punish him for using them.

  2. Seriously, I know words that are not correctly defined.
    ––Polysynthetic language: INCORRECTLY DEFINED. For the love of language, don’t dehumanize, and abuse words!
    ––Abiogensis: dictionary.com… has been awful.
    I’m just like that except simplistic spelling is like shaving with a coil of barbed wire.

    • Polysynthetic languages have long words with many individually-meaningful parts. Which dictionaries are incorrect?

      Abiogenesis is the idea that life arose from non-living matter. Why is dictionary.com awful? Inquiring foxeh minds wanna learn.

  3. Even dictionary’s don’t correctly define words. I check dictionary’s for accuracy with the word Erebus. Erebus has 3 definitions yet most small dictionary’s give only one definition and that has a reduced word count changing it and making it wrong.

    • except I can read a about a 450 page book in about a day, even while doing other things- this is at Millie’s age, as well. She is probably not slower, so she probably can finish it a lot quicker than you’d think.

  4. I read the (20 volume) “Young people’s science encyclopedia” cover to cover (repeat 19 more times) at about her age. Learned some cool stuff. It certainly didn’t help me “fit in”.

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