Ozy And Millie: An overlooked threat

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: Pasted-in correction in panel 2.

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        • At some point there’s a restricted strip where, if you go up to the strip number and change it so it’s one higher, it takes you several years later. I don’t know why.

      • I thought maybe the stress of all of Millie’s “help” would be what finally caused Ozy’s fur to fall out. So, not quite right, but kinda close.

      • Llewellan does pretty much treat her as his own though. My favorite was a few years ago, she was sitting outside sad. He came up and gave her the “I’ve been there” story (which turned into a joke at the end as his stories always do for the 4th panel punchline) and then she was inside with her mom who teased the smile out of her. The ultimate parent one-two punch for a sad kid. She wants to get in trouble he distracts her out of it and teaches a lesson in the process.

    • I weave, and over the years I’ve woven with a wide variety of kinds of thread, including culm (cow, rather coarse but makes a super runner-rug), but not yet fox. Anyone on here spin? That pile would make enough thread for a reasonable-sized rug!

  1. Of course her list didn’t include stress. She was worried about OZY going bald, and Ozy never gets stressed, so that wouldn’t apply to him.

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