Ozy And Millie: Baldification situation enumeration

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: Upper margin has “STAR WARS” written in pencil.

  10 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Baldification situation enumeration

  1. Typing it on a computer could cause baldness from, lets see what was that type of radiation that people were afraid of, but no household appliances actually give out?

    • I think you’re thinking of electromagnetic fields. Appliances do create them, but there’s absolutely no evidence they have any effect on us. The study that started that whole issue was one that appeared to show a higher level of leukemia in people living under power lines, but later studies failed to find the same effect. The study was flawed in that it failed to take into account other factors, like that houses under power lines were also often in poor areas near industrial sites.

  2. Um, is graphite poisoning really a thing? Please tell me it’s not a thing, because it undermines many of my basic principles! Really, it does! I’m not crazy! Who says I’m crazy?

    • Well, I’ve had a graphite tatoo for around 65 years with no ill effects that I’ve ever noticed, so it can’t be all that toxic! (I don’t remember how I got stabbed in the forearm by a sharp pencil, but its tip broke off inside me and it is still visibly there.)

      • I also have one inside the top of my left foot; either I didn’t check that one a year and a half ago or I failed to see it — it has gotten decidedly fainter, as has the one in my right arm. And an in neither of them can I still feel the lump of graphite, so my body has been *very* slowly absorbing it (with no ill effects that I know of). I do remember how I got the foot one; I’d tied a string to my pencil so it wouldn’t fall to the floor. When I knocked it off the table it would just dangle. It hadn’t occurred to me what would happen if I raised my bare foot into it —

    • 1. Being within 100 yards Millie.
      2. Faulty wiring.
      3. Nair mistaken for shampoo.
      4. Sneezing dragons
      5. Hiccuping dragons
      6 burping dragons.
      7 Millie again.

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