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  1. I was that young, fairly out-of-tune oboist in my primary school band. Ten is really to early to start on oboe though, it can damage your nasal passages.

    • “What is the difference between an oboe and an onion?”

      “When you chop up an onion, you cry.”

      — Old Classical Musicians joke

  2. I started violin at 10. They only had orchestra start that year because stringed instruments, for one thing, can be scaled down- I don’t remember if it was a half or 3/4 sized instrument we rented first, the one before I purchased my full-sized one was a loan (free) from my private teacher, what size again I do not remember. Wonderful woman- my school teacher the first year, then when I was moved to a different school I moved to her for private lessons (which I’d started elsewhere).

  3. It took me seven years to sound not-bad. Then I graduated. And you don’t really find cheap oboes laying around like you do other instruments.

  4. I was (still am) the baroque nerd. It should be a crime the way music gets put down in favor of sports in schools. We didn’t even have an orchestra. It was a private military school. We didn’t even have a marching band (!). We did have beat and blow, and I was part of that. (Drum and Fife, in polite speak). I was a snare.

    Music should be funded right along math and science. Good music should leave you standing like you just got hit by lightning wondering “WTF did I just hear?!”

    I used to catch free concerts at the Conservatory. The roof leaked. I didn’t care. T-shirt and jeans, listening to Abduction from the Seraglio, and it was more than just passable. It was great! One thing in Ozy and Millie that always spoke to me loudly was how music gets the shaft while sports gets the cash. And this was 20 years ago! I wonder how bad it is now..

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