8 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Other friends

  1. Sometimes I think I’m just someone elses imaginary friend. People frequently invade my personal space, no one values my opinion, and I often seem to only exist for other peoples amusement. I guess I should just be glad that whoever imagined me even bothered giving me a name.

  2. My heart bleeds for ya, Moe. Same sort of stuff happens to me daily.
    Mind you, I’m the LEAD PROJECT DESIGNER, so I get to gripe about it…

    Yay me.

  3. “My imaginary friend says I’m the imaginary friend!
    Which means, I’m imaginary! Then,
    if he’s right, (and I’m really not sure that he’s wrong)
    then I might be made up, like the words of this song.”

    ‘Sa real song. Sorry, dunno whose song it is, but it seems to fit.

    My first comment onna webcomic EVAR. Read a bunch of ’em, too. Guess this one’s special. Gotta start somewhere.

    Archive bingeing this one right now, and finding it truly delightful. Great humor, wonderful art, and I only expect it to get better. Too bad it ended, but hey, it’s here for me to enjoy, so Bravo! Many thanks to the author for creating it.

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