13 comments for “Ozy and Millie: The 1812 overture

  1. ROFL!!!! For a Halloween party back in the 70’s I played the version of 1812 overture with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, howitzers and Russian Carillon bells and everybody ‘played war’ for the duration. Noto bene; we were all college students 😉

  2. well, at least he’s at least watched fires put out and everything possible is likely fireproof. Since he’s probably at his house instead of having brought a… tape or CD I guess then (I was in college and had to think)… to Millie’s

  3. My little brother and stepdad a few years ago took part in a summer choral program and they did the full Carmina Burana with full orchestra and everything.

  4. Around two years ago, my little brother and stepdad participated in a summer choral camp and did the entire Carmina Burana with a full orchestra (gongs, kettle drums, the whole shebang) it was epic. Tschaikovsky was an amazing composer and some of his works are on my favorite music of all time list, 1812 being among those.

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