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  1. I tried pretty hard to figure out how many mantids and waffles there are at any given moment. All I can say is there are somewhere around 300,000 muffins sold every day (and someone in 1994 was comparing this to waffles so they’re not too far apart), and iHop serves about 2,000,000 pancakes/day. Waffles are maybe a third or half as popular as pancakes by Google search or Google ngrams word use, which is a pretty bad estimate. But still, we can say, ‘around a million’ per day. I can find nothing on how many mantids there are worldwide.

    • I think it’s safe to say that, just given the shear overwhelming quantities of any given variety of insect in nature, there are many, many more than only 1 million mantids. It’s hard to measure a population of insects because of how many there are, how few we can actually find if we’re even looking, and how little useful statistical information we might get from any sampling we might actually be able to achieve. Also, consider that 1 million waffles isn’t even enough to feed 1% of the U.S. population one waffle. But then again, consider how many frozen toaster waffles are sold daily. We might then be able to double or triple that number such that you could feed 1 waffle to each of roughly 1% of America.

      • But are we considering merely griddle-cooked breakfast treats, or crippling indecisions as well? If it is the latter, I would estimate the combined total outstrips the mantis population by far.

  2. except we’re forgetting that, other than the frozen ones, waffles don’t exist for very long and most are consumed within an hour of existing. On the other hand I don’t know if adult mantis population is among the “killed by frost” type and whether, if so, we’re counting eggs laid for the next year’s cycle, in which case the numbers would change in winter. When more people might be willing to stand over the stove for a hot breakfast anyway (though an at-home or self-employed parent might have more time in summer when not trying to get their progeny to school on time). Variables must be considered. Now to figure out what someone who just put that much thought into this should do which herself to recover

    • and where does waffle/pancake mix fit on this scale? As equal to mantis eggs? Oh dear, seem to be caught in a loop. Hopefully the next comic, and Millie’s attention span, will save me

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