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    • Don’t feel bad, sleep is vital to learning. The school day, and indeed the working day from which it is derived, is fundamentally broken except in those countries that retain the tradition of the siesta.

    • I’m not an early-morning person myself, but years ago I had the opportunity to join a group going on an amazing trek. Only problem was that its timing was already fixed and I was scheduled to be teaching then — one of the teachers of that course the next quarter volunteered to swap that half of the course with me and I joyfully accepted, even though that would mean lecturing at *his* chosen time when I got back — which had a 7:30 AM start. (You think nightmares about over-sleeping exams are bad? Those of over-sleeping a lecture you are to give are far worse.) One of the students was also not a morning person, though he did everything he could to try to stay awake — he sat in the front row with a humongous cup of coffee. He never made it through a single lecture without falling deeply asleep. However, not only was he doing his best to stay awake, he was also top of the class, so I just let him be —

    • I very nearly slept through high school and still carried an A- average. Imagine what I could have accomplished if I’d given a single (bleep).

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