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  1. Millie, I already do this. Well, I don’t club people with it, I force them to read the definition of what they are mistaken about. But it’s basically the same thing, as far as use to the person who wronged you goes.

  2. I once told someone I’d do something at my leisure. They looked at me, aghast (which they probably didn’t know the meaning of either). I explained it meant (in context) when I got around to it or had free time, and that leisure also meant a period of ease and enjoyment. They spent 5 minutes answering my correct definitions with gasps at how I was defining a word that they were sure was somehow sexual. My dictionary in my school bag was pocket-sized so wouldn’t have done much good- think for some reason I didn’t have my bag. Carried through middle and high school. My current dictionary is unabridged and usually used for archaic words (I have a degree in history so it comes up in the books I tend to read, either actual historical books or novels by people who actually research) and slang from other English-speaking countries, again especially the ones more commonly used in the past than the present…

  3. Reminds me of a great Owl House episode.
    Eda: You thought I was knitting a cake?
    (For the record, she was knitting a cape, which makes a lot more sense.)

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