Ozy and Millie: An anomaly

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out in panels 1 and 3, taped-in dialog correction in panel 4.

  19 comments for “Ozy and Millie: An anomaly

  1. I wonder how many people remember “Nova” these days… I remember watching it on PBS a couple of time (between 1990-1991) when I was about six years old.

    • Other than that she is running, no, but if Stephan expects pretzels from Ozy there must be an (adult) NYE party in the background and that might give her any number of motivations to run.

  2. I remember a story where Tom Sawyer tells his friends about how there are different time zones and about how it is one day on one side of Earth and another day on the other, and Jim cries that when it’s Doomsday, it will take place on two different days.

    • Yeah, I need to finish that book. I think it was more that Jim was afraid that Doomsday would only happen in one part of the world and some people wouldn’t be judged/taken to Heaven at all. The idea terrified him

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