7 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Bumps in the road

    • You apparently have never tried some of the holiday-themed flavors that various creameries like to spring on an unsuspecting public.

  1. “Your biological mothers name, {Ozymandias}, was Shelley.”
    Shelley… Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein. Her less well known husband, often just called Shelley, wrote a poem. It’s rather famous. It’s about the ruins of a great statue, out in the middle of the desert. All that’s left is two legs on a Pedestal. At it’s feet is it’s head, with a sneer on it’s face. On the pedestal, it reads “I am Ozymandias. Great men of the world, look upon my works and weep.”
    His mothers name is Shelley. Interesting. Is there symbolism in his name? Ozy is about as humble as it gets

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