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  1. It is like an ice cream cone. I have lost many a friend over arguments about chocolate versus vanilla versus orange sherbet. Often, what seems to be the best ice cream is outvoted, in favor of one that is mutually undesirable, much as the best candidate is often outvoted in favor of one that just panders to everyone’s wants. Sometimes, even though we know that one fellow is the best, we irrationally, emotionally choose another, much as we choose a horrible flavor of ice cream, just because we haven’t tried it yet. When a girl is feeling bad, some think that ice cream is the best manner of cheering her up, but often, one thinks that it covers all problems, and she gives up on her only friend. Democracy, likewise, has the capacity to affect even those not interested in it. However, in the end, ice cream is still a tasty treat, and democracy is still a seemingly fair form of government.

  2. Wait, I figured it out!

    Democracy is like an ice cream cone. No matter what kind of ice cream you put into it, it eventually melts into an inedible sludge.

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