Ozy And Millie: Campaign disclaimer

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out in all three panels, especially panel 3, where a panel border was moved.

  17 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Campaign disclaimer

    • I’m bitflipper, and I approve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

      (Look, even if I were trying for a meme, I refuse to be predictable about it!)

      • I’m Chrisleech and I disapprove of peanut butter, smoking, coffee, sauerkraut, etc. (I actually happen to be allergic to peanuts)

        • I am also allergic to peanuts. And being near someone who has been s.oking can trigger an asthma attack. I am Bailey and I approve of the no-smoking-in-places-open-to-the-public because the smokers can go there and go back to their cars for a fix. I cannot go there at all if there’s a smoking section. Never set foot into a bar before the laws

  1. I am Baileyand I approve of Ozy’s mode of transportation. Mom used a wheelchair and when I was young and we did the afternoons at the mall Dad would push her- and I’d stand with 1 foot on each of those pedals a heavier person than me would use to angle the chair to go up over a curb. I didn’t have to walk too far, they knew I couldn’t wander off, and I was right between my Mom and Dad.

  2. I am Ravenmane and I approve of lemonade but not sandwiches*

    *Contents of sandwiches may skew opinion

  3. Dr. Whodunnit is a terrible candidate and will doom our nation!
    I am Dr. Whodunnit and I approve this message.
    (next level of Zen party, insulting my opponent by insulting myself.)

  4. I’m AndThenYouRememberTheAnswer and I approve of this approval, which I then will now dissapprove of

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