Ozy And Millie: Ozy attempts a poetic distraction

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: Pasted-in correction in panel 1, white-out in panel 2.
“A FUZZY FELLOW WITHOUT FEET” written in the bottom margin.

  6 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Ozy attempts a poetic distraction

  1. A fuzzy fellow, without feet,

    Yet doth exceeding run!
    Of velvet, is his Countenance,
    And his Complexion, dun!

    Sometime, he dwelleth in the grass!
    Sometime, upon a bough,
    From which he doth descend in plush
    Upon the Passer-by!

    All this in summer –
    But when winds alarm the Forest Folk,
    He taketh Damask Residence –
    And struts in sewing silk!

    Then, finer than a Lady,
    Emerges in the spring!
    A Feather on each shoulder!
    You’d scarce recognize him!

    By Men, yclept Caterpillar!
    By me! But who am I,
    To tell the pretty secret
    Of the Butterfly!

    • Hmm… I know that’s the actual Dickinson poem, but I can’t help thinking of Against Idleness and Mischief by Isaac Watts (Known in pop culture thanks to Alice in Wonderland “How doth the little crocodile…”))

  2. This is like the classic scenario when someone really needs to go to the bathroom, and is sadistically subjected to images of running water.

  3. Ozy’s revenge for all the things she’s done to him? No matter how serene he is, you know he’s got to be tempted.

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