Ozy And Millie: Mercury fumes

The original artwork for this strip is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out corrections in panels 2 and 4, pasted-in dialog in panel 2.

  6 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Mercury fumes

  1. (After 5 hours of breathing in mercury fumes) Nope, still doesn’t make any sense… oh also MY LEG IS MADE OF CHICKEN FINGERS AND I HAVE A GERTWDFAEGFA IN MY EYES!!!

      • rule 3
        Sometimes credited as Furry Rule #3: Don’t stick your dick in crazy.
        ZOMGz I just found out Squizzle Squirrel yiffed with Aussie WildDog! What have we told Squizzle about yiffing! Never violate Rule 3! Don’t stick your dick in crazy!

        rule 4
        A man who is single, and has expressed intentions of meeting a woman who has particular traits, can cite rule 4. This rule means his friends must greenlight an introduction between the two if said friends mention this desirable babe. see examples.
        Friend:”So, Jim’s girlfriend has this nice blond roommate and-”
        single male seeking blond:”Rule 4.”
        Friend:”Shit… Talk to Jim about it, maybe you can meet her.”

        Friend:”So, this chick rear-ended me today-”
        Dude:”OMG, I love Asians!!! Rule 4″
        Friend:”Here’s her insurance information.”

        Either way, I don’t get it.

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