Ozy And Millie: She’s on th’air.

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  1. I think it means there’s a big fast moving truck crashing into Mexican things.

    Red delta lady to base, I got a stuck pusher of the vertical variety.

  2. According to Wikipedia:
    Breaker One-Nine – Starting transmission on channel 19
    Come back – Requesting acknowledgement or reply
    Red Delta Lady – Appears to be Millie’s chosen ‘handle’
    Bear in the air – Police aircraft
    Putting the hammer down – Traveling at high speed
    Tijuana Taxi – Marked police car
    Ten-Four – Affirmative

    So she appears to be saying that there is a police aircraft chasing a police car, and then agreeing with herself. After requesting a reply.

    • How did they get as far away from the rest stop as they must already be? (Inferred from the change in scenery and that the trucker isn’t there dragging them out of the cab.)

      • Even with automatic transmission one needs to push the accelerator to go anywhere fast enough to escape the chasing driver.

        • And semis don’t have automatics. Because Diesel engines have very narrow power bands, heavy truck transmissions often have ten or more forward gears, with multiple shift levers. Even people who know how to drive a stick won’t get very far in a semi if they haven’t been specifically trained to drive one.

          So… we’ll just write this off under Rule of Funny.

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